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Modern life can be tough, and the physical stresses can cause aches and pains - whether you are in a sedentary job hunched over a keyboard or are doing heavy manual labour, or somewhere between the two.


Emotionally too, life takes it's toll.  Life is often a balancing act, so much to do and so little time to do it, and we are constantly surrounded by noise - the hum of the computer, the drone of the tv, the growl of the car engine.  Its little surprise that very few people take the time to relax fully, and release those tensions that build up in the body. 


Sometimes people look at me oddly when I say their emotional tension shows in their body - but then they think about the way they hold their shoulders when they are under stress.  When we are under emotional stress we physically tense our muscles and over a sustained period of time this can cause many problems.


These tensions - both physical and emotional - can be very effectively treated by massage.  I qualified in Swedish Massage in 1995, but the massage that my clients come back for is NO HANDS® Massage.  Sounds implausible?  Perhaps, but this exciting treatment offers an incredibly deep treatment that can be sustained throughout the whole massage.  The same depth using traditional techniques would cause significant discomfort to the client.  And more importantly - the massage feels amazing.  I underwent advanced training for this treatment because the first time I experienced it, I fell in love with it.  The fact that the majority of my clients rebook implies they feel the same way.


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